Mobile Strategy

Mobile Strategy

Our experience in building mobile technology across retail, e-commerce, medical, education, social networking, financial and other sectors can help you formulate the right design and development strategy—no matter what degree of prior knowledge you have in the mobile space.

In putting together your mobile strategy, We can help you:

• Define your objectives
• Identify market opportunities
• Understand the competition
• Make user experience choices
• Develop mobile ideas
• Choose tools for success
• Create project plans and comprehensive schedules
• Plan for the design and development phases of your project
• Bring your products to global markets

Mobile Services

Mobile User Interface Design

Design is more than looks. It's how things work. Our designers and engineers collaborate to push the boundaries of what's possible. We build usable, friendly and intuitive applications that are equally stunning to look at.

Cross-Platform Experience

We've delivered products for iPhone, iPad, Android, HTML5 and more. Our experience across platforms means we can help companies choose the right mobile solution. Bamboo's engineers are flexible, informed and prepared to work with new platforms and tools as required.

Cross-Catagory Experience

Bamboo has developed mobile applications across finance, education, medicine, travel, consumer technology and e-commerce. Our broad past experience means we can draw from our extensive library of tools, proficiencies and techniques.

Bamboo follows engineering best practices to ensure that our apps are compatible with future updates. We specialize in producing maintainable, extendable code that can serve as a foundation for further development.


We focus on building native applications that take full advantage of platform capabilities, perform well, and provide a premium user experience. Behind our design and development is a deep understanding of the technologies needed to create superior apps.

Through the process of many robust applications for the App Store, we have engineered core technologies that allow us to quickly add complex features that:

• Communicate with web services
• Analyze and display Geo-Location data
• Apply effects to images and video
• Stream audio and video content
• Perform unique animations and transitions
• Efficiently store and retrieve from a local database
• Query and post content to social networks like Facebook and Twitter


Websites are no longer static, digital fliers for a passive audience. Today's successful websites are interactive tools of communication and participation between active communities and companies.

Brand Platform - Mothership

The website acts as a "mother ship" of online connection from the brand to the market. The site is the brand messenger, locator of goods and services, moderator of community, purveyor of methodologies, and giver of tools for the cultivation of content creation. Today's website has a massive responsibility in its design and architecture.


A proven methodology to get your message found in the far reaching galaxy of the web.

Keyword Research & Targeting

Keyword Research using tools, Phrase Selection, on-page use: title, metadata, header tags, key-word heavy text, anchor text.

Accessable Content

Unique Text, internal link architecture, bot accessibility, site-map creation and submissions, URL architecture, key-word heavy URLs.

Link Building

Identify and solicit link requests, blogger outreach And commenting, directory submissions, content based link strategies.

Social Media

Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, Linked In, RenRen, Weibo

Digital Marketing

To promote products and services via digital channels, we communicate the most related content with consumers at the lowest cost through the most suitable way.

Digital marketing is based on a clear set of data, which collected from multiple media channels e.g. mobile phone, SMS, Email, E-fax, online platform, LED panels. To create a way to provide accuracy and quantifiable results.


Big Data for marketers to sort through – to target people whenever they are online. The days of interruption advertising are over.
Today, the right way of online advertising is making the message appear naturally and in the right space to the intended market.

Geo Targeting

Geo-targeting can present ads only to users in a given locality, by country, county, city, state, ZIP code or longitude and latitude. This can be vital when you want to show an ad to a part of your audience only. It also works well for locally run related businesses.

Day Parting

Day-parting can present ads in a specified part of any 24-hour period within 15-minute increments throughout a day. This can help limit advertising spending during off-peak hours, as well as maximize presence during times when you know your target is most actively seeking your content.

Device Targeting

Identify and solicit link requests, blogger outreach Device targeting lets advertisers target users on three types of devices—desktops, mobile phones and tablets—as well as across the carriers of those devices. This lets advertisers adjust campaigns, including choosing call-to-action messaging most appropriate for screen size (for example, a mobile ad that replaces text with a phone number, since users can click and call the advertiser directly)

Strategic Planning

Understanding a client's specific needs and challenges is paramount to the Bamboo Digital process. Our team does rigorous research to identify opportunities and shape a holistic digital marketing strategy- one that can span across multiple digital platforms.

Once the campaign is initiated, Bamboo Digital monitors the success of that strategy, provides detailed reporting, and uses the captured data to optimize the strategy and improve ROI in the next period.

Not sure what your brand needs in the digital world? We'll help you create a strategy and then execute, monitor, and optimize it.

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