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Transformation is in the air. Business leaders across industries are recognizing that "old school" management isn't up to the task of nonstop innovation. As a result, companies that were once run from the top down are steadily shifting to a more networked style of management in which employees and customers play a greater role in driving innovation. Networked cultures tend to be more creative, more agile, and better able to anticipate the needs of customers.

The problem with this process is that what you "know" is limited to either "what is" or "what was," while innovation is all about "what could be." It's impossible to know what could be without the process of design. To generate new ideas, the design process inserts a middle step: making.

How do you create a culture of innovation? By recognizing one simple fact: If you want to innovate, you've got to design. Design and design thinking are the tools that create new products, new services, new business models, new markets, and new industries. The best way to leverage innovation is to build a "designful company". To find out where you are on the culture curve, take this simple test: Share a total of 10 points across each of the 10 pairs below. For example, if your company is more siloed than collaborative, you might score it 6 and 4. When you've finished, add up the two columns to measure your progress. If your totals come out to 60 and 40, for example, you could say that you're 40% along the path to an innovative culture.

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